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Serhant. ADX

SERHANT. ADX is our tech-powered innovation platform that was designed for the future of home selling. It is a proprietary suite of intelligent technologies that amplify reach while providing us the ability to hyper-target based on several key factors, and it allows us to anticipate buyer and development trends using real-time data drawn from a broad array of sources enhanced by machine learning. Our custom platform puts your property in front of more buyers than anyone else and gives us analytics insights to fine-tune marketing strategy. 


Exclusive Content Creation

SERHANT. Studios is our full-service in-house media and production hub that allows us to create customized, high-engagement content that can be packaged to fit any platform and is designed to resonate with the largest real estate audience in the world. Our impactful content enables us to carve out unique market positions for each project, and our messaging and use of various media channels help us establish sales-velocity and maintain momentum. 

Comprehensive Branding & Design

Through our in-house branding and design team, SERHANT. ID Lab, we partner with developers to generate and shape top-to-bottom marketing strategies that inform everything from visual design themes and messaging to buyer profile and media placement. We also work with developers to brainstorm as-yet-unrealized projects, pre-development tactics, and lifestyle ideas as they consider development sites and assemble investors.


Step-by-Step Guidance & Support

SERHANT. New Development has experience selling 4-unit boutique condominiums, 500-unit lifestyle-driven offerings, and everything in between. We offer support from the earliest phases of site acquisition and product conceptualization in order to optimize the product for launch through final sellout, and we use in-depth knowledge of buyer tastes and preferences to give developers and design teams advice on interiors, finishes, amenity packages, and more.


Research Analytics

Our in-house analytics team leverages a combination of historical and real-time market data to develop comprehensive reports that convey emerging patterns in buyer behavior and allow us to gauge comparable projects and effectively price units.

Commitment. Transparency. Accountability

We understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry, which is why we leverage the latest technologies and industry trends to provide innovative solutions and strategies for our New Development projects. Whether you are a developer looking to break into a new market or a financial institution seeking to maximize your investment, our comprehensive approach ensures that your project is positioned for success.

At SERHANT. SOCIETE SELECT, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, transparency, and accountability. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their goals and objectives are met every step of the way, and that we deliver results that exceed expectations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your development and financial goals.

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